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I think this is one of the most disturbing and heart wrenching spots I’ve seen.  Well done by Ogilvy Dublin.  Heart wrenching spot that sadly will touch home with a lot of people.   You really feel like a fly on the wall in this home.

Where do kisses come from?  Excellent piece of work bringing awareness to the cocoa industry.

Fresh commercial for the release of the new Air Max’s.  Cool Kids on the track.

IF this is real, it’s pretty cool.  Taking over Time Square screens or any screen with your iPhone and whatever technology is plugged into it. 

Very powerful PSA about the use of Meth.  Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign-language film.

Don’t quite understand why everyone’s so mad about this video.  It’s simply laying it out as it is. Maybe because it’s acutal kids saying it makes it seem disrespectful.  Response to bad reactions by PHD on the link.

Interesting and powerful.

MTV EXIT and Black Iris featuring Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast have teamed up to highlight the plight of millions of people who are trafficked every year and forced into a life of forced labour, prostitution or domestic servitude.

Lending their talents to the project are media/advertising music collective Black Iris and their friend Bethany Cosentino of the band Best Coast. Together, they recorded the song “When Will I Find Love?,” which Cosentino wrote specifically for this project. All proceeds from iTunes downloads of the songs will go directly to organizations for people working to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.

Love the questioning here by Jeff Staple at the end of the interview.  It’s these type of thoughts that continue to create change and push creativity. 

Well done Jim Beam and shout out to The Frogs for the great work.  The message stretches so far beyond the product.  Life message tied to a product that feels it has the right to claim being bold. I think Beam does have that right, because you do have to be bold to drink it.  LOL.

Seems a little scripted, but love the integration of the story.